Why Practice Safer Sex?

SAFER SEX protects us from AIDS. HIV can infect anyone, male or female, straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual. You cannot tell who has the virus and who does not. Since you cannot tell, insist on SAFE SEX every time.

SAFER SEX is any sex that doesn’t allow semen, vaginal fluids or blood to get into your partner. HIV can’t get through ordinary, healthy, undamaged skin. The amount of the virus in saliva is too little to cause infection. No-one has been infected through kissing.

SEXUAL INTERCOURSE The main risk of transmitting HIV is through unprotected sexual intercourse. The large amount of HIV in blood and semen can cause infection. During intercourse the virus can get into your body easily through the sensitive linings of the penis, vagina or anus. Even if you pull out before ejaculation, there is still a risk for both partners. So, don’t have sexual intercourse without using a condom. Not even briefly, however tempting it may be.

ORAL SEX There is a slight risk of infection because HIV-infected semen can get into the bloodstream via sensitive linings in the mouth. The risk is higher if your mouth is sore or bleeding. Oral sex without ejaculation in the mouth is safe. You might choose to use condom to avoid getting semen in the mouth.

Condoms are the most effective way to prevent HIV transmission

In terms of preventing HIV, safe sex is any sexual activity that doesn’t allow infected semen, vaginal fluid or blood to pass from one person into the bloodstream of another person. Condoms also offer some protection against a range of other sexually transmissable infections (STIs). They do this by preventing transfer of infected fluids or by covering infected sites. However, because STIs are transmitted in a variety of ways the protection condoms give is not complete.

STIs have been shown to increase the likelihood of HIV being picked up or passed on

If you’re HIV negative, STIs can cause the skin or membranes in your urethra, rectum and throat to become sore, inflamed or bleed. This makes it easier for HIV to get in, increasing the chance of infection. If you’re HIV positive, STIs can increase the viral load in your blood, anal mucus, pre cum and cum, as well as in sores and lesions, increasing the chances of passing on HIV.