PT Foundation’s priority values explain the approach that we will take in the way that we work. This is not an exhaustive list but reflects the values that we believe will be most important in working towards our vision and mission.

1. Non-judgemental and non-discriminatory
We recognize that the communities we work with are confronted with prejudice about HIV/AIDS, gender, behaviour or sexual identity. We are committed to serve them without prejudice and based on their need only.

2. Community Centred and Consultative
We believe that meaningful community participation is an essential component of an effective strategy. We work with affected communities to build their capacity and consult with them to formulate the best possible response to fulfill our mission. We will empower individuals and communities affected by HIV to prevent, manage and respond to HIV, and empower them to work on stigma reduction.

3. Open and Transparent
We work and act in an open and transparent culture to deliver effective HIV prevention, care and support programs, and we respect the wish of our donors and stakeholders to be transparent and accountable.

4. Innovative Planning and Programming
We believe in courageously taking up issues which may seem controversial and sensitive through innovative approaches that address the root causes of HIV transmission and advance change.

5. Team Work & Solidarity
Most, but not all, of our staff come from the most at-risk communities. We are united in serving our communities and press for results on their behalf.

6. Diversity and Inclusivity
We recognize that the communities we serve are made up of many individuals of differing gender, sexuality, age, race, religion, social, economic, geographic and other backgrounds. We see diversity as our strength, to be embraced and celebrated. We welcome and seek involvement from a diverse range of perspectives, and will ensure that the public focus of our activities reflects the diverse nature of the communities we embrace.

At PT Foundation, we believe real change – that makes a positive and lasting impact in people’s lives – takes place through community development methods as recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP). These methods include peer outreach, safe spaces, community-appropriate information and ensuring that programs are largely ‘owned’ and managed by the respective communities.

PT Foundation is a partner organization of Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC), an umbrella body representing non-governmental organizations doing HIV/AIDS work in Malaysia.