Advocacy is a crucial element supporting PT Foundation in delivering our objectives and purpose to the general public and stakeholders. PT Foundation is regularly invited to give talks and conduct seminars or workshops in corporations, hospitals, factories, companies, charities, youth organizations, schools, colleges and universities on HIV and the communities it affects. Advocacy at PT Foundation not only involves sensitization, but also lobbying different stakeholders on issues related to HIV and sexual health.

Workshops and Information Sessions are an important component of our advocacy and educational programs. We are regularly invited to give talks and conduct seminars or workshops in corporations, hospitals, companies, charities, youth organizations, schools, colleges and universities. We strive to deliver the most updated information on HIV and AIDS, as well as on gender identity and sexual health, in our efforts to reduce the HIV infection rates and to stop stigma and discrimination.

If you would like to know more or get involved in PT advocacy work please call our team at (03) 4044-4611or by email at, or go to Volunteer Opportunities.


PT Foundation welcomes community members who are interested in researching at the organization and learning more about the communities PTF works with.  There is great value in research projects as they can raise awareness about HIV, at risk communities and PT Foundation, cumulatively creating a better understanding about HIV in Malaysia.

PT Foundation receives many research requests from university students each week.  In order to handle so many requests, PT Foundation follows a procedure to ensure that each request is handled correctly and to facilitate conducted research in the best way possible.



To submit a research request to PT Foundation, please follow this procedure:

  1. Fill out and submit the research application form to
  2. When submitting your application please include a letter of support from your university along with any other relevant documents including consent forms, questionnaires, surveys, protocol information etc.
  3. Submit your request at least one month prior to when you want to conduct your research (for example, if you wish to conduct your research in May, submit request by end of April).
  4. Your application, along with all others submitted for that month, will be reviewed by relevant staff members at PT Foundation and you be informed whether of not it has been approved.

Please be aware that the review process can take up to two weeks and that PT Foundation does not always have the capacity to accept all research requests.  Kindly note applications that are detailed, well thought out and have a clear benefit to PT Foundation will be favoured during the review process.

If you have any further questions about the research application process at PT Foundation, please email or call +603 40444611.