Positive Living Programme : People Living with HIV


Who We Are

People Living with HIV (PLHIV) often live in fear and confusion due to lack of access to information and years of stigma and discrimination. PT Foundation’s Positive Living program addresses these issues in a comfortable and safe space whereby PLHIV as well as their family and friends come together to socialize and share experiences and solutions to empower themselves to lead full lives.

Established in 1992, the Positive Living program offers important information and services regarding HIV/AIDs. Operating under the Positive Living program is the PL Buddy Programme, a peer to peer programme, which trains people who are interested in befriending and volunteering with people who are HIV positive.

The Drop-in Center sees an average of 25 people per day, where they are provided with nutritious meals and a place to rest. In 2009, a total of 561 clients visited PBKS PL to receive the services they required and to participate in our sessions. In total, the PT Foundation PLHIV  program reaches out to around 4500 clients a year, through outreach and other programs.

In July 2014, the Positive Living programme was successfully registered as Pertubuhan SEED and began operating independently from PT Foundation. PT Foundation is proud to have pioneered and developed this programme to where it is today.​ PT Foundation will continue to serve the PLHIV community through the MSM Poz programme and the Community Health Care Centre.

What We Want To Achieve

  • To provide a safe, private and comfortable meeting place
  • To provide social and emotional support for PLHIV and by PLHIV
  • To provide the latest information on treatment, care and support for PLHIV
  • To provide living skills and other skills through workshops, classes and programmes
  • To empower PLHIV (People Living With HIV) to make and implement decisions affecting their lives
  • Lobby against discrimination and advocate for easy accessibility to treatment
  • To reduce stigma and discrimination against People living with HIV by creating awareness and understaning to our stakeholders, the public, and the media

How we help the PLHIV community

PT in the PLHIV community


Working in 3 groups, PT Foundation’s PLHIV outreach team offers services such as hospital and home-based peer support, individual counseling, group counseling, referral services, and medication support and education. Outreach workers provide support to clients and community 24/7.

The outreach teams are focused at:

  • Hospital Sungai Buluh (HSB) Infectious Disease Unit (ID Clinic) clinic – Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • ID Clinic, HKL wards and  Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) Pediatric Unit – Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Community/shelter homes

Home visits

Home Visits are done during days when there are no hospital visits or in cases of emergency. During each visit, the outreach workers distribute cooking oil, baby’s milk or rice, depending on the needs of the clients. These items are provided by personal donors for specific groups.

In the whole of 2009, PL outreach workers reached out to 7,093 clients and distributed 5,253 numbers of condoms and 1,751 numbers of lubricants. These condoms were disseminated mostly during outreach on the streets and outdoor sessions.

PLHIV community comes to PT

Through our outreach we make contact with thousands of community members and inform them about PT Foundation and our various services and programs we have to offer, with the hope that they will utilize our offerings. We strive to support the transgender community regardless of race, health status , religion and background by providing a day time venue where the community can come and rest and also we provide 3 nourishing meals, to shower, wash their clothes, peer counseling, providing information and education relating to HIV/AIDS and STIs, basic health care and support for HIV treatment and education. We strive to support street based PLHIV by providing a day time venue where people can come and rest and also receive a hot meal, to shower, wash their clothes, in addition to receiving care and support for HIV treatment.

Clients also have full access to our resource center. We offer information for life skills building and general HIV/AIDS information. We serve clients by offering referrals hospitals, legal aid services, and job placement and welfare serivces.

Positive support groups are an essential part of the PLHIV program. Clients come from all different walks of life, therefore we need to cater to each of their individual needs. We understand that each individual has different concerns and that it is our responsibility to ensure that the issues at hand are being addressed correctly and effectively to avoid stigma and discriminations. We strive to create an opportunity for the community to be more visible and empower them in handling their issues. We currently have established support groups for the following communities:

  • Drug-Users
  • Active lifestyle and care (ALAC) – positive transgender
  • Single Mothers
  • Youth
  • Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)
  • Sex workers


pic_plhiv3Our PLHIV clients have many questions and concerns. PT Foundation is here to support and advise on these important issues. The PLHIV program offers both group and face-to-face counseling for clients to discuss their concerns with trained staff. We strive to cater to each individual’s needs and preferences of dealing with the issues at hand.

Our Buddy Program is a unique service that provides each individual with their own “buddy”, who has been trained by our staff. The program encourages trusting relationship building, with complete confidence that our client may go to their buddy with any concern. We strive to create sustainable programs which facilitate steadfast support to our clients. If you would like to know more about the programme please call (03) 2697-0655.


PT Foundation supports the PLHIV community by fighting against injustice and discrimination based on their HIV status, gender or sexuality. We will look to support individual causes by working with legal aid centers and other human rights organizations. If you are or have in the past suffered from some kind of discrimination, please contact us at ( 03 – 26970644 ) and also the email address (nisha@ptfmalaysia.org).