Make an appointment

With our HIV counselling/screening we always aim to have you in and out of the center within one hour.

However, as CHCC’s anonymous & confidential HIV screening is a high demand service we strongly recommend making an appointment.

Walk-ins are welcome, however without an appointment you may experience some delay.

HIV screening opening hours:

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Please note that we are closed on public holidays

It is important to note that each test comes with a recommended contribution of RM40.00. Cost covers the HIV screening, counselling and referral services.

PT Foundation believes that everyone who is at risk of exposure to HIV should be able to get tested and treated. If you are unable to pay for the HIV Test, please ask for assistance from the reception desk.

The HIV screening cost is subsidized by PT Foundation, thanks to the provision of free rapid test kits from the Ministry of Health, and the free services provided by the trained volunteer-counsellors from PT Foundation. The fees collected from the services are used to pay for part of our operation costs.

Testing Process:

We understand the stress involved in getting screening for HIV. That is why we provide trained volunteers to carry out anonymous and confidential HIV screening with pre-test and post-test counselling to help ease the pressure.

Important facts about the testing process:

  • You do not need to give us your name or identity card / passport number.
  • You will get your results within an hour.
  • Our services are friendly and non-judgemental.
  • Rapid testing is as accurate as any other type of HIV test.
  • The test only requires a finger-prick.
  • There will be someone with you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have.

If you are screened positive, we are able to provide comprehensive referrals to qualified hospitals and clinics for medical care. PT Foundation also provides support and care to those who are tested positive. Face-to-face counselling and telephone counselling are also available.

For more information please call us on (03) 4044-4611