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Volunteer Positions at CHCC

The CHCC is almost entirely staffed by a team of highly committed and well trained volunteers. We recruit volunteers twice a year through our bi-annual training days. Read below for the positions available and if you are interested be sure to register by filling out the form HERE

To volunteer under the following programmes, you are required to possess certain skills, which are typically acquired through a series of structured training programmes provided by the CHCC.

  1. Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT): Anonymous HIV screening with pre-test and post-test counselling. Require basic counselling skills with an aptitude for people and sensitive and non-biased towards clients despite their gender and sexuality.
  2. Telephone Counselling (TC): Support for individuals with HIV/AIDS and sexuality related issues through telephone calls. Require basic counselling and good listening skills, and being patient with clients over the phone.
  3. Face to Face Counselling (FTFC): Support for individuals who need counselling and support on their issues. Require basic counselling and listening skills with an aptitude for people.

Enhance your work experience with a volunteer internship at CHCC. We offer placement opportunities for students in a wide range of programmes. Work for one of the most exciting NGOs in Malaysia, and network with amazing people who are all dedicated and passionate about their job. Give yourself a unique edge in today’s competitive work environment with this fulfilling internship experience. We look for students who can intern for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months to a year.

Want to volunteer with us, but worried that you do not have any specific skills? We are also looking for volunteers to perform less-skilled tasks. As long as you respect confidentiality, and are sensitive to others, you could lend us a hand in general tasks such as packing safe sex kits, drop-in centre administrative management, or data entry.


Your donations enable us to help the people most at risk of HIV in Malaysia, irrespective of government or donors’ policy changes. Our beneficiaries are very vulnerable to simple changes in their lives. We provide them with a breathing space to re-build their lives. If we cannot provide them with this safe space, they may not progress in life and this is the reason why your support is so essential.

PT Foundation’s greatest need is for committed long term support, through monthly giving. Regular giving allows us to develop long-term programmes, make solid commitments to our beneficiaries, and to demonstrate true solidarity with the most vulnerable people that we help. We cannot cure HIV, but we can prevent its spread and we can help people living with HIV to live positive lives.

A portion of the donations received by PT Foundation go towards the running costs of the CHCC.

For more information on how to make donations click here or click the donate tab in the bar above.