HIV Transmission

How is HIV transmitted?

HIV is passed on through the exchange of body fluids. It is transmitted in 3 main ways:

  1. Through unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person.
  2. Through infected blood and blood products.
  3. From an infected pregnant mother to the child she is carrying.

Infections Fluids:

  • Blood
  • Semen (including pre-ejaculatory fluid)
  • Vaginal Secretions
  • Breast Milk

How do you know for sure if you are infected?

You can”t tell who”s infected just by looking at them, because people infected with HIV can feel and look perfectly healthy. The only sure way to know is by taking a special blood test called the HIV Antibody Test. PT Foundation offers anonymous and confidential HIV screening at our VCT clinic.

You can NOT get HIV from the following: Urine, tears, saliva, sweat, hugging, kissing, sharing food.

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