Leave a Legacy

Donate your legacy to PT Foundation and help us to serve communities most affected by HIV/AIDS. Your donation will greatly help our HIV prevention, education and care services.

There are different options if you are considering leaving a legacy to PT Foundation. You may consider the following while drawing up your will.

Specific Legacy
A gift of a specific asset such as an art work, jewelry, property, stocks or shares.

Pecuniary Legacy
A gift of a specific sum of money.

Residuary Bequest
A final instruction in your Will which states a gift of all or part of the balance of an estate after all the other individual gifts have been made.

Other possibilities to support PT Foundation include gifts through life insurance policies and endowment funds.

In the event that you have decided to donate your legacy to PT Foundation, please kindly fill in the Legacy Donation Form and send it by fax to (03)4044.4622 or by email to fundraising@ptfmalaysia.org.

All related correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.

Thank you for considering PT Foundation as a beneficiary.