Admin and HR Intern Under Community Health Care Clinic (CHCC)

Skills required:

  • Candidates are required to be fluent in both spoken and written English.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Counselling or other equivalent qualifications in Medicine, Public Health, Art and Social Sciences preferred (other degrees will be acceptable too).
  • To have the basic knowledge about HIV/ AIDS and sexuality and HIV/AIDS situation in Malaysia.
  • Be comfortable, open and willing to work with marginalized communities (e.g. LGBT, FSW, IDU, etc.)
  • Keep an open mind and attitude to learn new concepts (related to sexual health, gender and sexuality issues) and new skills.
  • Willingness to work and learn both in group and individually.
  • Be interested in the field of work and professional conduct.
  • Must commit for at least 2 months.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate among the clients, the counsellor and the clinic service flow.
  • Assist in staffing the CHCC reception and for managing and and registration of CHCC.
  • Assist to administer and tabulate all documents required at CHC Clinic.
  • Receive and register clients who come for HIV testing & counselling.
  • Assist in handling incoming calls, including inquiries and appointments for the CHCC services, and reference whenever appropriate.
  • Has the delegated responsibility for procurement of office equipment and other work-related supplies (medical and non-medical supplies) required to run day-to-day operations & office maintenance.

What do We Offer:

  • Assist in the programmatic expansion such as networking and
    establishing collaborative relationship with partner organisations, conducting any form of operational research on our VCT and clinical services.
  • Participate in the visits and trainings to different centres and programs and management assistance
  • Experience of working in an NGO and a social enterprise Clinic in Malaysia
  • Exposure and learning about HIV and Sexuality and the situation in Malaysia; as well as at risk communities in Malaysia.
  • Learn about the organisational structure and administration.
  • Learn to work with Excel and data entry systems.
  • Employment opportunities within the organisation after internship.
  • Endorsement for career opportunities in other NGO, corporates or community-based organisations